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Works Great From Any Smartphone. No Additional Attachments To Your Car.


Uses smart technologies like AI and IOT to collect driving data, analyse it, understand the patterns and provides a Trip Score for every trip you take.


Provides a simple dashboard which summarises several driving criteria into 3 key factors: Focus, Consistency and Safety. Get personalised tips on each of these criteria to improve your Trip Score.


Drive safe, fulfil the simple quarterly driving milestones and get a Parrot Score end of every quarter. Parrot Score determines the P-Rewards you get. Earn back up to 20% of your annual base premium as you redeem the P-Rewards! Hurray! 

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E-pass sodexo


Redeem P-Rewards as cashback from
LinkAja or as Sodexo vouchers
every quarter

Link Aja


to earn handsome rewards
on your vehicle insurance