Parrot Safe Driver: A Pay-How-You-Drive policy which rewards you as you drive!

Any registered user of Parrot can instantly buy the PSD policy on the Parrot app. Once you enter the usual mandatory details, choose the add-ons etc., the app calculates the premium. You can choose your preferred way to pay and within minutes you are covered. Your journey to Parrot Rewards or P-Rewards and becoming a better driver starts as soon as you start driving. As you drive, based on how safe you drive, you keep earning P-Rewards every quarter. If you are a very safe driver the P-Rewards that you can earn over the policy period can be as much as 15% of the base premium. This means that every quarter you can earn back up to 4.5% of the base premium.

The Parrot app keeps guiding you on improving your driving with personlised tips. It provides you with a simple and intuitive Driving Analysis dashboard explaining what you need to do to keep your score up and get maximum P-Rewards. It literally drives you to your P-Rewards!

That’s not all. You can share the benefits of Parrot with your friends and family and Parrot will reward you! Every policy purchased on your referral is rewarded with P-Rewards.

Please refer to the policy document for detailed terms and conditions.