Parrot app

The AI powered Parrot app is a comprehensive driving awareness tool, a complete insurance solution, an amazing rewards engine and provides an opportunity to create positive environmental impact!

Buy the smart Parrot policies for cars on the app within minutes. Get your driving assessed with a Parrot Score and earn P-Rewards. Get back up to 15% of your insurance premium by redeeming P-Rewards every quarter. File claims right from the app, no lengthy paperwork or office queues.....Parrot does it all!!   

Parrot Score

How does it work?

Using the GPS data and your smartphone’s sensors the Parrot app analyses driving behaviour. It works online and even off-line, i.e. even in areas or situations where 3G or 4G data network is not available. The app records, what are called, Harsh Incidents, i.e., incidents of sudden acceleration, sudden braking and sudden lane changes. It also logs phone calls made and answered while driving.

It also takes into account factors like driving during night or day, total driving duration, the weather conditions and so on. All the information collected during the trip is sent to our powerful servers in the backend.

Once the trip finishes our Parrot Analytics engine, using very sophisticated mathematical models, boils down all the information about the trip into a number out of 100 called a Trip Score i.e., score of how well you drove on that trip.

Each quarter i.e., every 90-day period starting from the date of policy purchase, the Trip Scores of multiple trips gets collated and normalised into a Parrot Score.

Parrot Score determines the P-Rewards that you get for the quarter. Redeem P-Rewards for vouchers from Shell Fuel Vouchers or Carbon Credits from Shell Nature-based solutions. Over the year you can earn back up to 15% of your annual base premium as you redeem the P-Rewards! This is over and above the No Claim Discount (NCD) that you are entitled to!

Key benefits of the Parrot app


A Rewards Engine: Parrot rewards you in different ways....

Parrot literally pays you to drive safe! As you drive safely you earn P-Rewards end of every
quarter based on your Parrot Score.


Get P-Rewards when your refer your family and friends and they buy insurance on the Parrot app!
Rewards just never stop on Parrot!! - Coming Soon


Replay Trip

Replay your trips on a map to know the route you took, the driving speed along each section of the trip etc.

Breakdown assistance

One touch breakdown assistance and communication with roadside assistance service by ERGO.

File Claims

File insurance claim right from the smartphone in easy steps in case of an accident. 

Parrot app

Monitor Carbon Footprint

See the carbon emission for every trip you take. Parrot uses the internationally accepted GHG norms.


Parrot app takes very limited space on your smartphone (approx. 13 mb) and consumes very moderate amount of data. A full day's driving needs only about 2 mb data. Parrot is also optimised for battery consumption. Never run you out of juice when you need it the most!

View Harsh Incidents

See on a map the details of harsh incidents, i.e., incidents that adversely affect the score of each trip. Especially useful in correcting the habitual mistakes.

Parrot app

Coming soon to unleash
the power of PSD policy!