Start with a competitive premium plus possibility to earn back up to 20% of premium and get a state-of-the-art fleet management platform at no extra cost! Powered by AI.


Key benefits of the Parrot Insurance and Fleet Solutions

Does not need any additional hardware or software on the vehicle. The Parrot app itself is configured suitably for fleets. It is a great solution for a geographically spread-out fleet or for fleets having vehicles in remote places where hardware installation and
maintenance can be especially challenging.

The Parrot app record trips even in offline mode. Great fit for fleets operating in remote areas without a steady 3G/4G connectivity.

The management dashboard is web-based. Does not need any additional or special hardware or software

No annual fleet management fees. Just peace of mind!

Gamify the fleet solution by introducing driving competition and continuously rewarding the safe drivers. This in turn improves your savings too! 

Other value adds

Other value adds

Fuel consumption tracking

Regular Maintenance tracking

Driving pattern analysis which can lead to proactive maintenance rather than a breakdown maintenance

Customized reports

Value added accident report and analytics

SOS feature provides additional proactive safety to the fleet



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